Compliance is what you need from an accountant, but strategy is where you find the real value.

When you hand over your financial data to your accountant to meet your tax obligations, you expect that your data will be compiled into a format that fulfils the requirements to prepare and lodge tax returns.

That’s a given, and almost anybody can do it relatively well.

But if you really want to get ahead, you need an accountant who advises you, not just categorizes your history. You need an accountant who uses your business information to analyse how you are really travelling and gives you valuable and practical recommendations on what you can do to improve it.

And these accountants are hard to find.

With the pressure of compliance deadlines and the threat of fines hanging over an accountant’s head if they don’t get the majority of their client work through to the tax office by certain deadlines, many are guilty of rushing through financial statements and tax returns to simply “get it done”.

But when you and your accountant fail to take the extra time for strategy, you could be failing to maximise your tax deductions, failing to minimise your tax, and you could be exposing your hard-earned assets to unnecessary risk.

You could be sitting in a business structure that sets you up to lose your assets if something goes wrong or to lose much of your life’s gains because of failing to take advantage of generous tax exemptions when you retire.

Our deadlines never get in the way of your best interests

At FutureProfit, your best interests are always at the forefront of our mind, not deadlines. Every time we open your file we look for what else we could claim, what structure will give you even greater tax savings and protection and what strategies could be implemented to build your business and personal wealth further.

Accountants you can count on

Our specialist accountants, business advisors and insolvency specialists know business. From the vulnerabilities, liabilities and risks that can get your business into trouble, to the financial insight, tax strategies and protective structures that will guard your assets and increase your wealth, FutureProfit has, for the last 25 years, built a solid reputation as being accountants you can count on.

Starting our humble beginnings in the country town of Innisfail where we helped farmers and individuals ensure with structuring and succession planning, our growing practice moved to Brisbane in 2000 and was aptly renamed FutureProfit in 2004.

Now ten years on, we have built FutureProfit to be a highly respected accounting practice specialising in business recovery and strategy, asset protection and relationship breakdownwhile still managing all areas of accounting and taxation both individuals and businesses need. With three highly skilled accountants that have over 75years experience between them, you can rest easy knowing you are good hands.

If you’re looking for just another number cruncher, we’re not for you

If you’re looking for a simple accountant who will crunch the numbers and help you comply with your tax obligations for the lowest possible price, we probably aren’t for you.

At Future Profit we work with clients who actively want to solve their financial challenges, increase profitability and build wealth, clients who are prepared and willing to work with us on their business to achieve their desired results. This level of proactivity ensures your valuable strategy time isn’t swallowed up by deadlines and it also gives you the greatest financial results.

Could you be saving, claiming or making more?

Make sure your best interests are looked after, talk to one of our expert accountants today on 07 3208 9122.